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At The Fashionable Stylista Academy, we aim to ignite the passion of future fashion designers! We take pride in our ability to provide our students with the in-depth knowledge and experience they need for the fashion industry. Our classes are taught by industry experts who use innovative design techniques and provide a hands-on learning experience. We offer classes, workshops, and courses in fashion design, sewing, fashion illustration and patternmakin, designed to help you explore your creativity and inspire you to create your own fashion identity.

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Sewing on a machine is a fundamental skill for becoming a fashion designer.  It not only teaches construction but allows for the students to build their creativity by continuing to accomplish bigger goals


Students learn how to draw fashion illustrations by using different medium.  They learn to draw the figure in proportion and develop a style that is unique to them.  By creating mood boards they creat e a plan for their design concepts to execute a collection


Before being able to sew a garment using a sewing machine, students must learn how to cut fabric using an pattern and use pinning techniques.

Why Us?

• We are dedicated, passionate, creative, and believe in our mission!

• Our programs and workshops are creative, educational, and provide skill-building and fine motor skill development.

• Our instructors are fashion industry professionals who know fashion design skills like machine sewing, illustration, pattern-making, and hand-sewing.

• We have connections in the Fashion Industry and provide education that is parallel with the current-day field.

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