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Let's celebrate together!

What better way to celebrate than a fashion-themed birthday party for your fashionista!



• 14 Children (minimum)

• 2 Staff Minimum

• 1 1/2 Hours of Fun

• 2 Half-Slice pizzas and drink per child

• Private Facility

• Paper Supplies

• Balloon Decor

• Customized E-Invitation

*Sewing Parties are 12 Children minimum and a full 2HR party.



The Fashionable Princess

Ages 5+ | 1HR Project

Make your child’s birthday special by making her feel like the lil’ princess she is! Each child will receive a wand, crown, and tutu, which they will decorate and design any way they choose. They will select from various fabrics, trims, jewels, and accessories to make their princess dreams come true!

Cost: $450 Party Package

          $25 for each additional child


Decorate a Mini-Dress Form

Ages 6+ | 1HR Project

What better way to celebrate your party than playing dress up! Let your child’s creativity come to life as they design their own mini-dress form. They will select from a variety of fabrics, trims, jewels, and markers to make their ultimate fashion dress form. 


COST: $450 Party Package

           $25 for each additional child

IMG_9233 3_edited.jpg

Sewing Parties

Ages 8+ | 1 1/2 HR Project

Make this birthday party unforgettable! The birthday child and their guests will use sewing machines to create an amazing project. Our hands-on, professional instructors will assist them every step of the way! They can choose from ONE* of the following:

- Sew a handbag

- Sew a pillow

- Sew a sleep mask

*All guests do the SAME project*


COST: $500 Party Package

           $30 per each additional child


Future Fashion Designer

Ages 5+ | 1HR Project

Does your child dream about being a future fashion designer one day? Her wish can come true for a day by creating her own portfolio! The book will include their design creations with sketches, cut-outs, and fabric collages, and create their own name for their collection! Everyone will have a blast choosing from a variety of fashion croquis, fabric swatches, and clothing design ideas that they will use to create their own fashion sketches and presentation boards. The final product will showcase their style and creative design!


Cost: $450 Party Package 

          $25 for each additional child


Art Gallery

Ages 6+ | 1HR Project

Your little artist will be thrilled to sketch a beautiful fashion illustration taught by our instructors! They will decorate their own custom frame with glitter, ribbons, rhinestones, and more. It’s the perfect way to exhibit their individual masterpieces.

COST: $450 Party Package

            $25 for each additional child

Interested in booking a birthday party?

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